The world’s largest gateway to blockchain gaming

Efirah aims to create the first gateway to a blockchain gaming ecosystem. It would reduce the barrier to entry faced by traditional developers and players. Efirah can provide a comprehensive solution for creating blockchain-based games, and quickly acquire both traditional game players and existing blockchain users through its unique distribution system and public chain plan.

What is Efirah?

Efirah builds a complete blockchain gaming ecosystem that connects game players, developers, communities and distributors.

  • User entrance: Efirah allows users to register with Facebook. A unique wallet address will be automatically generated for players to store their mining income .
  • Content gateway: Efirah provides game-specific smart contracts and on-chain SDKs for easy game development.
  • A network of communities: Efirah connects gaming communities and leads the way into innovative cross-chain experience.
  • Promotion portal: Efirah provides a decentralized scaling solution for blockchain games.
User Entrance
User Entrance
Network Community
Network Community
Content Gateway
Content Gateway
Promotion Portal
Promotion Portal

Efirah's Goals!

  • 2021 – Q2: Efirah and Efirah Knight launched;
  • 2021 – Q3: NFT wallet and trading platform launched; Celebrity Cards, World Cup Cards, Quizzes and other applications launched;
  • 2021 – Q4: Third Party Game Access Opens (Hyper Dragon, Last Trip etc.,.); Efirah Tycoon, voting and other applications launched;
  • 2022 – Q1:  “Community” (DAO) system launched; Built-in Decentralized Token exchange launched;
  • 2022 – Q2: Zilliqa Planet and BSC Planet launched;
  • 2022 – Q3: Docking More Public Chains; launching Super Player on Appstore and Google Play;
  • 2022 – Q4: Improving Layer 2 Implementations and Developer Guidance; cross-chain assets movement through Cosmos cross-chain solution;

Efirah's Team & Advisors

    Gilbert Mann


    Mann has more than 20 years of experience as product experts and game developers of various games worldwide. He has been responsible for business development, global operations, strategy and investment, M&A operations of game corporations.

      Jeremy Gardner


      Gardner is a full-stack blockchain engineer, graduating with a Masters in Computer Science from Stanford University. He has worked with multiple international teams to develop commercial blockchain projects.

        Ronnie Moreno


        Moreno has more than 10 years of experience in the game industry as a game designer and graduated with a Master of Science Biology from Ottawa University.

          Steven Chaw


          Wang has a Master in CS from MIT and is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has soon realized the potential of blockchain and has invested in many commercial blockchain projects since.

            Van Warren


            Warren receives his Master of Science in Financial Mathematics and Statistics from Stanford University. He is a blockchain technology expert and has consulted a lot of firms on blockchain adoption.

            $EFR Tokenomic

            $EFR is the primary utility token of Efirah ecosystem

            1. A secure medium of exchange between participants on Efirah

            2. An incentive system for interactions and activities on Efirah

            $EFR simplifies the payment process and supports the growth of Efirah ecosystem.

            In total, there will be 50,000,000,000,000 $EFR issued. Automatic liquidity pool charges a 10% tax whenever an EFR Holder exits the pool to avoid EFR price collapse. This tax fee is broken down into:

            👉 4% for adding liquidity
            👉 4% for incentivizing the remaining holders
            👉 2% for burning and other marketing activities.